Recommended Dances For Newbie's, Who Have Never Partner Danced Before.
Keep in mind that all partner dancing involves a Lead & Follow Partnership, which has to be learned and practiced. Getting the steps down is the first part, which you can practice on your own.

There a lot of other beginner classes offered but these are the easier ones to start with.
The most popular dances like West Coast Swing, Salsa, Country Two Step & Cha Cha are best learned after you have learned some of the easier dances. If you decide to learn one of the more popular dances right away, be prepared to be patient and keep taking the classes. Remember, it takes several lessons and practice to become efficient.

      Check The Schedule To See When These Dances Are Offered.

1.     East Coast Swing, also known as "Jitterbug"
Fun, upbeat & easy steps.
2.     Foxtrot, Rumba & Bachata.
Steps are not too difficult in the beginning stage.
3.     Night Club Two Step, American Style Tango & Bolero.
Theses are slower more romantic type dances.



     Welcome to the world of dance. Dancing is a fantastic activity.  It's healthy, presents plenty of social opportunity, develops coordination, helps your memory, and is great for couples as well as singles.  For some people, the first time they take a dance class it can be a little overwhelming.  Being a little shy (in the past), we both remember how it felt.  The reason we kept going back - everyone looked like they were having so much fun!  We reasoned, if all these people could learn to dance so could we.  Besides TV is pretty boring night after night.  So I went out and started dancing about five nights a week.  The first time I just watched.  The next time someone asked me to dance (I hadn't learned how).  After trying to learn on the floor, I decided to start taking classes.  The first two months I was confused (probably because I learned everything all at once), but I was determined to get this down.  Then the fun began.  Suddenly I realized I was actually doing it.  I was dancing! I had met a bunch of new friends, and for the first time in my life I was enjoying myself.  Dancing really has changed my life.   So if you're just starting out, and are just a little shy or intimidated here's some helpful hints from me.


1.  Don't give up.  This is a simple rule.  If at first you don't succeed try and try again.  Try  out a different dance.  Sometimes another dance form  will really click for you.  You'll soon figure out your favorite dances.  You must pay your dues.  People need to see you come back and get to know you.  Once they do, you'll have a whole new group of friends.  You must be consistent - if you drop in once in a while - people will not get a chance to know you. 


2.  What shall I wear?  This is one of the most common questions I get.  Wear what is comfortable for you.  Some people will dress up for the weekend parties, but most people do dress casual.  Nothing formal.   Many people come from work and will wear their work clothes.  You'll see the men in causal shirts, sometimes T-shirts (usually dance related), comfortable slacks a few jeans.  Women will wear everything and any thing.  It is best to wear smooth sole shoes, but you can get through your first lesson in almost any kind of shoe.


3.  Be patient.  Not everyone is  Fred Astair or a Ginger Rogers.  Some people take a long time to learn to dance.  Others learn quickly.  Keep things in perspective do it for fun -  it isn't a contest.  The best way to learn, is to keep coming back, take a lot of classes and attend the dances.  If you do this once a week we progress, but if you do it three times you will triple your progress.  It just depends on what you want.


4.  Don't be shy.  If you want to dance ask.  Ladies you have the idea that you have to wait to be asked to dance.  It's o.k. to do some asking.  Classes are the best way to break the ice, you meet other people, then it's easier to ask each other to dance.  Gentlemen the tradition of  you doing the asking is still basically yours; try to ask everyone to dance -especially the new ladies.   Sometimes I'll look around the room and I see men sitting and women sitting, but neither one will go and ask each other to dance it's like a Mexican Stand Off.  So get in there, be friendly, and ask each other to dance.


5.  If you do not have a partner, don't worry,  we are very conscientious about rotating the class.  Also, people are continuously coming in.  I have frequently started the night with a male or female shortage, and ended the night in a complete turn around.  So never assume it will always be short of men or women.  One thing was very clear to me when I was single - I was never going to find a partner sitting at home!   We have a very safe environment and often people who have mates come alone; because "their significant other" does not like to dance.  You can feel comfortable at Two Left Feet doing this because a great deal of people are friendly and will mix.


6.  Don't argue about dancing.  It's just a dance, nothing worth fighting about.  Remember the rule about patience.  A lot of patience and tons of encouragement will go a long way in dance.


7.  Learning to dance takes time.  Enjoy it for the moment and don't worry about anyone else.  You will not remember all  the moves you have learned.  Our brain can only remember a few things at a time.  As we learn new things our old stuff gets buried. If you mentally practice when you get home it will help, but if you forget, don't worry about it - heck we forget a lot of things too.  A lot of the patterns will get repeated in another class in the future.


8.  When you see a good dancer be inspired.  Believe it or not they too started as beginners. 


Well it's quite a list and I hope this helps you get started in the  World of Dance it really is a great deal of fun and can be life changing.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us or talk to us after class.   We are always glad to review a move or answer questions.  


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